Welcome to Flexoplas Packaging Ltd - 105 Wordsworth Street, Christchurch , NZ

Specialty custom made products.

Custom made bags and films can be manufactured from 100mm to 2500mm in width and 150mm to 3500mm in length to suit individual requirements and can be produced in a variety of thicknesses and colours. We are able to provide printed bags and film from one to six colours.

If your requirement is a reproduction of a current print design or a new design concept we can offer a full design service using the latest in design and Flexography printing services.

We are able to produce a large range of different product formats including loose, dispenser or outer packed, wicketed, header blocked or perforated on roll.

By working together with our customers, Flexoplas Packaging Ltd will find the best possible solution to your packaging needs.

Main product lines include:

  • Bags industrial use: rubbish bags, bin liners, handicart liners, kitchen tidy liners, loose bags, roll bags.
  • Film industrial use: including custom made plain and printed films for timber, furniture and manufacturing.
  • Bags and films for food contact: freezer bags, freezer films, food storage bags, ice bags, carton liners, resealables.
  • Shopping retail bags: Singlet bags, butcher bags, produce bags, loose bags, roll bags and resealable bags.
  • Disposable protective clothing: for food service, works and hospitals.
  • Specialised horticultural products: planter bags, garden mix bags, sprayguards and mulch film.
  • Biodegradable bags and films: subject to availability and manufactured to specific requirements.

Flexoplas Packaging Ltd stocks a wide range of stock bags and films while all custom made plain and printed bags and films are manufactured to suit individual customer requirements.

This combined with our ability to manufacture small production runs with short lead-times means we can meet our customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently.

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