Welcome to Flexoplas Packaging Ltd - 105 Wordsworth Street, Christchurch , NZ

Degradable plastic packaging

When the principles of environmental stewardship of plastic waste (reduce, re-use and recycle) cannot be effectively applied, it’s important to have an alternative solution in order to prevent the accumulation and persistence of traditional plastics in the environment.

Flexoplas Packaging Ltd is licensed by EPI Environmental Technologies Inc. to use their degradable plastic additive technology (TDPA) in the manufacture of their plastic bags.

Wide and narrow film extrusion

We continually update our extruders to increase capacity and capability. We currently have the ability to produce film from 100mm up to 2500mm in width and in thicknesses from 25mu up to 250mu.

Inline printing

To help reduce the impact on costs of branding products, we have designed an in-house capability to print inline as we extrude our film. We have invested time and resources to ensure we can print to a high quality and keep costs to a minimum.

We have the ability to print films up to 2000mm wide which can be supplied in continuous form or converted into finished products. We are currently looking to further increase our capabilities to multiple colours and both sides of the film.

Imported material sourcing

Although predominately a supplier of locally made goods, we also complement our product range with high quality imported products. These have traditionally been products which are high volume, fast moving lines such as retail singlet bags, butcher bags, rubbish bin liners and resealable bags.

We also import a range of custom made products which fall outside our current local manufacturing capabilities including printed films and custom printed standard or resealable bags.